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a selection of media series that broaden the connections of the built environment and our senses.

a variety of media types; using photography & the moving image. observing surroundings, abstracting the characteristics and translate them to visual projects using montage techniques and intuition. 

oude collecties..: Text
oude collecties..: Work

. foundation. in scenarios . 

a selection of varying designs . deriving from foundations in scenarios, research and intuition.

peninsula Pantelimon.Bucuresti

lost in altered.perspective

bucharest .  romania

an intervention to an abandoned hotel with its history excavated as a former monastery, just outside of bucharest. a conflict between the past of the peninsula and the re+design of the neglected resort.

single.expat living

single.expat follies

a vacant lot in the world

a project based on a (not-so-far-) future scenario. any vacant lot on our globe, developed to be a park of follies, where we work remote but socialise from within and between our dwellings.

. every project has its own experience of surrounding elements and speed, to which a new method is developed as a result of varying cultural elements, visual techniques and its environment .

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